About Us

The idea of this web site started when we were asked by many attractive Thai ladies,
"How can we meet nice foreigners".

We are now a mixed team of Thais and Westerners, men and women. The non Thai team members speak and write Thai, some are happily married, some have different gender preferences. The team members are very knowledgeable about Asia , especially Thai culture.

Our goal is to provide a "trusting" and fair web site where people from all over the world can easily communicate with each other. Members can use the private correspondence tool to get in touch with new friends, partners, pen pals etc.

We are pleased if this web site helps you find your new partner or what you are looking for. We would be glad to hear about your success stories!

We hope you will have the best experience at Thai Date Club.

Best Regards,
Your Thai Date Club Team

PS: Please don't hesitate to send us your ideas or feedback how we can improve this web site.